Block Scheduling

Giving Students the Ability to Focus

Block scheduling is an effective tool used to help students gain a greater focus on lessons and mastering objectives. At ISMN, students in grades 6-9 will get practice with 1 Quarter course that is block scheduled. This course is typically an elective but will run much quicker than the other 4 semester-length courses.

Block scheduling allows students to concentrate on fewer courses at a time in a condensed schedule (typically a nine week period). By spending more time on each subject, students can focus their efforts on fewer subject areas, without having to jump from subject to subject every day. And because more time is spent on a subject, often coursework can be worked on during an extended class session and real-time coursework help can be offered.

At Insight, block scheduling is offered in high school science, social studies, Health, Physical Education, and all other elective courses. Core English and Math courses are offered only in a semester format. A typical full time, high school student will be enrolled in four courses at any given time with typically 2 semester-length courses and 2 quarter-length courses. 

Block scheduling can also be an asset for students who may be behind in credits. The pace of the quarter courses allow for credit to be more quickly made up. Students should know that block scheduled classes run much quicker than semester-length classes and be prepared to complete more coursework in a shorter amount of time.

Questions regarding block scheduling can be addressed by the school counselor.