Remediation Programs

A Targeted Approach to Build Critical Skills

When a struggling student needs extra help, the Insight academic team can come to the rescue with a remediation program that has been adopted by more than 15,000 schools across the country. It's a program that can quickly identify students' specific skill gaps and develop an individualized remediation plan to address them.

Delivered online and composed of assessment modules and self–paced lessons that put students at ease, the program has:

  • 150+ subjects/titles in reading, literature, writing, math, science, social studies, Spanish, and electives
  • 130,000+ test items designed to assess student mastery
  • 5,500+ lessons and 200,000 pages of content that meet state requirements

The remediation program includes content for high school high–stakes exam readiness, so students can be thoroughly prepared for critical exams.

Four fundamental components match curriculum and instruction to students' skill levels—whether they're on a developmental, remedial, or an enhanced learning trajectory:

  • Assess: Pre–tests and adaptive assessments identify each student's strengths and deficiencies
  • Prescribe: A personalized plan for each student is generated to address skill gaps
  • Instruct: Content is presented through a research–based model of carefully sequenced direct–instruction aids using study guides, quizzes, mastery tests, and essays where relevant
  • Report: Sophisticated teacher and administrator tools help track and analyze all aspects of performance, in order to benchmark progress and refine curriculum plans

Bottom line, when your student needs to bolster his or her skills and knowledge in literally any subject, Insight will be there to help.